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I wanted to take the time to mention an artist that has been inspiring me lately and would recommend artists and aspiring dreamers to check out. I've been taking care of my dog whom recently went through surgery to get a cyst removed (luckily her lump wasn't cancerous and she's just recovering), and haven't really had the time to draw anything outside of my daytime job. On top of that I caught a weird bug of some sort that has gotten me feeling nauseous and just looking at references mindlessly rather than putting my creative brain at work.

Anyways, enough about me, here is an artist that I find inspirational and fun to look at:

Heather Gross:

I love her very charming, big eyed and with a little hint of "derp" character design. They have so much charisma and they have such a soft and traditional feel to them. She creates critters that would make you awe and want to cuddle with all day long, (I know I would). Her most recent work can be found in Oxenfree, a game available on Steam which she designed the characters on.

That's it for now, but check her out!


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