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Sorry I've been nonexistent here guys, I've been constantly working on things away from my desktop (Which is where I normally blog/type from). I recently got an ipad pro a few months ago and looking to sell my laptop since I rarely use it since I graduated from school. I learned that I was able to download a squarespace blogging app and it's pretty awesome! It's straight to the point and very simple on an ipad along with my newish ipad pro keyboard. Definitley a lighter and simpler setup compared to my Samsung laptop (although it was very good for school, just would rather use my small cintiq and desktop for photoshop stuffs).
Anywaaaays, I launched a patreon and it's been very interesting thus far. I used to enjoy making comics in high school about how my sisters bothered and bullied me since they're significantly younger than me. I would share them with friends and they would enjoy reading them (er at least they acted like it haha). I thought I'd start getting back into it since I'm done with school and establishing myself as a professional artist now. I've been also fortunate enough of getting professional feedback from another artist that's guiding me along the way which has been super nice considering I felt lost after school for a little bit. 
As lost as I've been, I pushed myself to start submitting something every Thursday on Patreon. With that I have hopes of bettering myself and becoming more efficient with drawing when it comes to my portfolio as well.
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